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Bumbles acquire Hendricks, Martinez from Bananas

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The Bumbles and Bananas have agreed on the following trade:

Bumbles get: Kyle Hendricks, Jose Martinez, and the Bananas' 26th and 27th rounders.

Bananas get: Bumbles' 3rd and 21st rounders, Brock Stewart and Peter Bourjos.

Bananas 2 picks up
Bumbles 2 picks down

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I think maybe we should use the terminology "traded" and "received".....

In this case, each team traded and received 2 picks....

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Bananas Out : 26 (BAN), 27 (BAN)
Bananas In: 3 (BMB), 21 (BMB)

That is most obvious, no?

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Warren, you're quite right, my description of the pick tally was very silly :O

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6Bumbles acquire Hendricks, Martinez from Bananas Empty Trade on Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:03 pm

No worry Sean.


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