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Fernando Fingers bid a melancholy adieu to Clint Frazier

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A Blue Chipper pick from the previous administration, early in the season Frazier looked like a lock for the cleanup spot as a DH in Season 32. But his attitude cost him with the Yankees, and as the season speeds along towards it conclusion and it becomes more and more clear that Frazier will not only fail to garner 500 PA's but not see another game at the major league level, the Fingers cant carry him.

We hope to draft him in the keeper rounds in next season's draft.

Markham Squeeze

Btw guys, this will be a first....

Remember that Clint Frazier cannot be signed as a Free Agent, as he does not have sufficient PAs (41 in 2018).


Yep - we’re all just going to wait until that part of the S32 draft where we don’t actually have to draft a player.

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