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Another Brawl. This time Stros and Jackpot

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1 Another Brawl. This time Stros and Jackpot on Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:06 pm

Brawl after a hit by pitch. Followed immediately after by a hit by pitch....


************** Bottom of the 5th inning, Stros batting
3-3 0 --- 11 Donaldson grounded out to second (CBX)
3-3 1 --- 12 Butler,B was hit by a pitch (CBSH)
Nolasco left the game with an injury
Maldonado left the game with an injury
Butler,B was ejected
Nolasco was ejected
Hughes,J now pitching
Puig pinch running for Butler,B
3-3 1 1-- 12 Piscotty was hit by a pitch, Puig to second (BC1FH)
3-3 1 12- 10 Puig to third, Piscotty to second, Walker,N to first on
an error by the catcher Norris,De (BX)
3-3 1 123 01 Abreu hit a sacrifice fly to left, Puig scored (FX)
3-4 2 12- 02 Hardy,J flied out to right (FCX)

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