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Belsize Stros Looking for FAIR Easy Trades

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1Belsize Stros Looking for FAIR Easy Trades Empty Belsize Stros Looking for FAIR Easy Trades on Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:30 pm

Belsize Stros

Belsize Stros
Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of my problems with trades is trying to keep track of the offers, trying to valuate the offers, and trying to get the traded players to fit into my team.  On this last day of trading, I will post up a very simple way for YOU to understand what players I have available and what it will cost you.  You don't have to waste your time talking to me if you don't want to.

I have three relief pitchers that I think teams will be interested in.  They are:

Tyler Thornburg  Drafted round 6, 112th overall
Ryan Dull (ML keeper), Equivalent drafted round 7, equivalent 129th overall.
Delios Guerra, Drafted round 12, 234th overall

Below are their projected numbers and their actual up to date numbers.

Belsize Stros Looking for FAIR Easy Trades Trade_11

I am not dumping, but I'm retooling for season 28.  What I'm looking for is a swap of relief pitchers and a swap of season 28 draft picks.  Here is what I'm asking for in the form of an example.

EXAMPLE trade offer:  Jim Johnson (Hawks, 13th round, 247th overall) for Tyler Thornburg (6th round, 112th overall).  Johnson was drafted in the 13th and Thornburg was drafted in the 6th.  A difference of 7 rounds.  We are also "halfway" through the season.  So, I'd accept a draft pick "upgrade" of half of 7 rounds, or 3.5 rounds.  So I'd accept:

To Hawks
Tyler Thornburg and a 13th round pick (where Jim Johnson was drafted in season 27)
To Stros
Jim Johnson and a 9th round pick (13 - 3.5)

I would get a modest upgrade in the draft, you would get a modest downgrade in the draft.   We'd still both have all our picks.  The only issue I can see with this kind of trade is if you are at your limit of trading or accepting 5 draft picks.  I can't do much about that.

I currently own all my picks except the 24th.
I have traded 1 of my 5 tradeable picks.
I have received 1 of my 5 receivable picks.

I can be reached at aschiralli@rogers.com

Thanks for your interest.


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