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He who laughs last, and all that

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1He who laughs last, and all that Empty He who laughs last, and all that on Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:11 am

Bleeding Ulcers

Hey, remember the time that maniac drafted Andrew Cashner first overall and everyone laughed???  How did that work out?

Well, the Cashman put up a sterling 2.94 ERA over 156 innings this season. Indeed, he would have been on the leaderboard in a slew of categories had the Ulcers GM not sat him for the entire month of September (because the division was unexpectedly sewed up.)  Thus his 156 innings apparently do not qualify him for the Leaders page...  Regardless, his numbers would have put him in the top 5 in such categories as ERA, SLG and HR/9.   I will probably never win this goddamned league, so that draft may indeed go down as the Ulcers finest hour. (Which is kind of sad, yes...)  

ALSO - Giancarlo Stanton for the Alomar: because 65 Bombs always deserves MVP consideration.  For context, the league record is 68.  He had 12 more HRs and 20 more RBIs than the second place finishers in those categories.  And he led the league in 5 other categories: Runs, Slg%, Extra Base Hits, Isolated Power, and Total Bases.  *insert flexing bicep here*

And, if you look at peripherals Kluber deserves consideration for some Stieb votes. Here's where he ranked in a bunch of categories

On Base% (1st)
Quality Start % (1st)
Winning %(1st)
Ks (2nd)
Batting Avg. (2nd)
Hits/9 (2nd)
Runners/9 (2nd)
Complete Games (2nd)
Quality Starts (3rd)
Walks/9 (5th)
Ks/9 (5th)
ERA (6th)

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