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Round Four Predictions

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1Round Four Predictions Empty Round Four Predictions Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:17 pm

Markham Squeeze

7 owners have That Ball Club selected.
6 owners have the Rawken Hawks.

With so many teams in contention for the final series, this should be a great end to the pool.


              TBCvsHWK     Runs
Kosowan       HWK in 6     47
Smith         TBC in 6     35
Schiralli     HWK in 7     --
Turcotte      TBC in 6     62
Henderson     HWK in 7     42
Siena         TBC in 5     41
Fingers       TBC in 6     62
Stewart       TBC in 5     31
Woods         TBC in 6     45
Williams      TBC in 5     35
Raio          HWK in 7     --
Booth         HWK in 6     --
Morin         HWK in 5     47

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