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The DMB Weather System

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1The DMB Weather System Empty The DMB Weather System on Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:29 pm

Markham Squeeze

From the DMB FAQ.

The DMB Weather System
If you are using DMB's optional weather system, DMB determines the weather for the game by examining the weather information for the home park and making adjustments for seasonal and daily variations.

If the home park has a retractable roof, the roof is left open if the weather is nice and closed whenever it is too hot or cold and when rain is in the forecast.

You can choose to have DMB display a weather report at the beginning of the game, and you can access a weather report at any time during a game. This report always includes the temperature, wind direction, wind speed and the condition of the sky (clear, cloudy, raining). The start of the game may be delayed by rain.

Weather can affect a game in many ways:

Warmer weather increases the level of offense

Extreme temperatures (hot or cold) cause pitchers to tire more quickly

The direction and speed of the wind can cause the level of offense to go up or down and may affect the flight of fly balls that are hit into or with the wind

Rain delays may cause a pitcher to tire more quickly and, if his arm stiffens during a long delay, may force a pitcher to leave the game

A wet field may cause a fielder to slip and misplay a ball

The DMB weather system is designed to work properly for the months in which baseball is normally played in the northern hemisphere. If you create a league schedule that extends through the winter months, the weather system will probably not give you meaningful results, and we recommend that you either (a) stick with schedules that extend from April to October or (b) if you want to use a schedule that includes other months, disable the weather system for that league.

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