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How Did I Finish So Poorly...

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1How Did I Finish So Poorly... Empty How Did I Finish So Poorly... on Fri Oct 18, 2019 4:56 pm

Belsize Stros

Belsize Stros
I don't understand how these things happen.

This season I finished 74 and 88, 14 games below .500
Team Batting average was .250, good for 6th best. The league average was .242.
Team ERA was 3.93, good for 10th best. The league ERA was 4.02.
Team Defense was the best with respect to fielding percentage. There was nothing unusual about the rest of the defense.
Run differential was -2 (670 672).

Of course there is more to it than that but fuck man....

2How Did I Finish So Poorly... Empty Too Many Loses... on Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:11 am

Rawken Hawks

Rawken Hawks
Hey man, looks like that was a bad hand to be dealt...I checked a little...I said before to you that your record in one run games was 17-28...That's a lot of games to lose with a small run differential.
In your division, your record was 30-22 and inter conference you were 19-26, that total is 49-48. So your record against the Halladay division was 25-40 (those 5 teams averaged 88 wins and all 5 made the playoffs...).
The Fingers fared similar to you, 4 games ahead of you with a +9 run differential, but missed the playoffs with 78 wins...The Wannabees ended up with a better record (83 wins) with a -28 run differential...So I think the differences in the two divisions in the Walker conference was a factor...

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