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Fernando Fingers sign Brad Boxberger as a free agent and waive Aaron Sanchez

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And realizes they drafted several pitchers way too high in the draft.

Bleeding Ulcers

Sorry man - I already have Sanchez. You dropped him earlier in the season.

Bleeding Ulcers

OK - unless I'm smoking crack -- on Feb 2 I dropped Andrew Suarez and claimed Sanchez when Fingers let him go.  Like - immediately. A soon as I same him released.  However, there is now no record of Fingers having dropped Sanchez in the forum.  (Did a post get deleted? or am I seriously in the throes of senility at 49?)  

I guess that means that I've been playing with 24 men all this time (?) Shrug emoji.

Bleeding Ulcers

Nevermind everyone. Nothing to see here. Turns out... CRACK!!


Yes, "unless I am smoking crack" was an unfortunate caveat to your previous post.

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