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Aaron Nola for some Stieb love...

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1Aaron Nola for some Stieb love... Empty Aaron Nola for some Stieb love... on Thu Nov 14, 2019 2:08 pm

Rawken Hawks

Rawken Hawks
Aaron Nola was one of only two pitchers to reach 20 or more wins this season.  On a team that won 88 games (not the 114 that the Ulcers won), he won 20 games which was 23% of the team total.  
He was 2nd in winning percentage and was #1 in Quality Starts with 28 (3 more than the second place pitcher) and #1 in QS %.  He was tied for 2nd in innings pitched, ironically with Kluber.

He was dominant on a team that wasn't.

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