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    Hawks Willing to Make Some Moves and Help You!

    Rawken Hawks

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    Hawks Willing to Make Some Moves and Help You!

    Post by Rawken Hawks on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:05 pm

    The Rawken Hawks are looking to move some talent and gain some picks.

    Foremost on the list is Ervin Santana who has 8 wins and a 3.36 ERA. He could help pretty much any rotation in the league and be a top 3 starter (2 starts per playoff round if it goes 7 games) on most teams.

    Also, anyone looking for help in LF or CF, we have Justin Upton who doesn't have the best average splits but has power and is a 104AV fielder in both spots.

    And finally, we could trade a couple of relief arms including All Star Jim Johnson and another good arm in Will Harris.

    Email me your offers at warbo2424@yahoo.com


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