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It Must Have Been A Bench Clearing Brawl Between the Hawks and Stros

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Hawks visiting Stros. Pedro Alvarez flew out, went back to the bench, and must have been involved in a bench clearing brawl because he got injured for another 49 games.

************** Bottom of the 8th inning, Stros batting
Rodney now pitching
3-2 0 --- 01 Alvarez,P flied out to left (SX)
3-2 1 --- 31 Piscotty popped out to center (BBCBX)
3-2 2 --- 00 Davis,K was hit by a pitch (H)
Alvarez,P left the game with an injury
Davis,K was ejected
Rodney was ejected
Blanton now pitching
Owings pinch running for Davis,K
3-2 2 1-- 11 Castro,S grounded to third, forcing Owings at second

Pedro Alvarez was injured for this game and 49 more days


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