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DMB Help File on Player Injury Ratings

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1DMB Help File on Player Injury Ratings Empty DMB Help File on Player Injury Ratings on Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:12 pm

Markham Squeeze

From the Diamond Mind Baseball Help File........

Of note, the TBGBL uses the Injury Rating setting for player injuries.
Injury rating
Players who played almost every game have an Iron rating, those who missed many games (more than 10% of the season) are Prone, and others are Normal. The Very Prone rating is reserved for the most fragile players, those who missed more that 25% of the season due to injury.

The injury system in DMB is quite mild compared with real life. In real-life, it's not unusual for players to miss several months or an entire season as a result of a single injury. In DMB, however, even a Very Prone player won't miss much more than a few weeks at a time, and isn't guaranteed to get hurt at all.

The length of injury depends on the Injury rule you are using. If the rule is set to Random, injury duration is determined randomly. If it is set to Injury Rating, a single injury will not exceed the number of real-life games missed (for any reason) by the player during the season.

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